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Can cancer go into remission without treatment

Can cancer go into remission without treatment?
I have a friend who was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which she then said spread into her spine. She was going to have a bone marrow transplant and a hysterectomy and start chemo, but that never happened. She said that she was drinking alot of green tea which supposedly helped her health. Now all the sudden she said she is in remission. Is it possible that she went into remission without any sort of treatment?
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While it is possible, that story sounds kind of sketchy to me. Are you suspicious that she has been making this all up?
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It's very rare !!!!! Maybe one in a million if that. If the cancer reached the spine from cervical it would be called metasis cancer ( stage 4 ). Stage four is the last stage. You can still see remission in stage 4 but its very rare. Without treatment being stage four your friend probably isnt in remission at all. And, green tea sure didnt cure it. Once at stage 4 there is no cure. I think you friend may be telling a tall tail to get attention. It is very sad that something like that would be made up.
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ABSOLUTELY NOT!! esp. with secondary cancers. You cant even get rid of some cancer with treatment so how the hell can you do it without. Sounds a bit dodgy to me..
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Anything is possible. However, scientifically and statistically, NO. There seems to be something off with that story. Natural remedies often help with the chemo side effects and so forth, but I have never heard a legit case where a natural remedy cured the cancer.
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I dont think its possible as much as i want to believe it.
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NO! It is HIGHLY unlikely that any cancer be treated succesfully without using conventional treatment. Please don't listen to Steve, he doesnt know what he is talking about. He posts pretty much the same answer to every question. He is WRONG! Hope this helps.
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Guyton & Hall's "Textbook of Medical Physiology" eleventh edition is used by most medical schools and says on page 41, "Only a minute fraction of the cells that mutate in the body ever lead to cancer. There are several reasons for this. First, most mutated cells have less survival capability and simply die. Second, only a few of the mutated cells that do survive become cancerous, because even most mutated cells still have normal feedback controls that prevent excessive growth. Third, those cells that are potentially cancerous are often, if not usually, destroyed by the body's immune system before they grow into cancer. This occurs in the following way: Most mutated cells form abnormal proteins within their cell bodies because of their altered genes, and these proteins activate the body's immune system, causing it to form antibodies or sensitized lymphocytes that react against the cancerous cells, destroying them. In support of this is the fact that in people whose immune systems have been suppressed, such as those taking immunosuppressant drugs after kidney or heart transplantation, the probability of a cancer's developing is multiplied as much as fivefold." Your immune system destroys cancer naturally. If you compromise it by eating junk and acid-causing foods, it doesn't have the strength to fight back. If you eat well and optimize your health, your immune system is going to thrive. Guyton and Hall confirmed this already. Yes, you can go into remission without treatment. Guyton and Hall also say "The first steps in maintaining health is to alkalize the body ( pH or acid/alkaline balance). This is one of the most important aspects of hormeostasis. Changes in pH alter virtually all body functions. " "The cells of a healthy body are alkaline while the cells of a diseased body are below a pH of 7.0. The more acidic the cell, the sicker we become. If the body can not alkalize the cells they will become acidic and thus, disease sets in. Our bodies produce acid as a by product of normal metabolism. Since our bodies do not manufacture alkalinity, we must supply the alkalinity from an outside source to keep us from becoming acidic and dying." We know definitively how to reverse cancer as long as it's not too advanced. Diet plays a big part in our health.
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Yes, in a VERY few cases a cancer may disappear without any treatment. This spontaneous remission is very rare indeed. William Boyd, a pathologist, documented a large number of such instances in a book he published in 1961. He estimated that approx one in every 100,000 cases of cancer will show spontaneous remission. In his documentation collected from data extending over 100 years, more than half the proven cases of spontaneous remission came from four types of tumour: renal-cell cancer, melanoma, neuroblastoma and choriocarcinoma. In the other half of the cases, there were one or two examples in almost every type of cancer. Source:Cancer is a Word, not a Sentence, by Dr Robert Buckman. So yes it's possible but highly unlikely for a cancer to go into spontaneous remission Whether or not this is the case with your friend I have no idea. Like Brian A I find the deails of her story less than convincing. And green tea does NOT cure cancer, nor does any other food or drink

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